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Mobile apps are a great market entry strategy for any professional company; big or small. Investing in a mobile application will help increase brand awareness. It connects your business with new customers and open doors for more profit. With access to a dedicated team of developers a new app will take your local business global in record time.

Whether you need a new food delivery app, a mobile game app or something completely unique, tailored for your business, we are qualified to deliver the best solution to suit your needs. While the possibilities are endless, our task is to find the perfect one for you. Our team are specialists with more than 10 years of experience with iOS and android app development, implementation, and project management. We are here to design amazing mobile apps – exactly right for your business.


Wall Dodge - Rotate to Win

A mobile game app for marketing and branding

This product is a mobile game that can be found on both 'Apple App Store' and 'Google Play Store', called Wall Dodge - Rotate to Win.
It was a trial project to capture the possibilities in app development and marketing.

The mobile game is free to download.

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Leo's Wok - Takeaway

A mobile app for takeaway

This product contains two apps - one for the customers and one for the restaurant - tailored for Leo's Wok in Roskilde, Denmark. A restaurant tablet app was built only for the employees where they can manage the orders, print them out, and even make new orders, all customized for their needs.

The mobile app Leo's Wok is available
on both 'Apple App Store' and 'Google Play Store'.

App download is reserved for Leo's wok customers and the restaurant only.

ProfCalculator - Food

A mobile app to calculate profits

The app ProfCalculator - Food is made for restaurants all over the world to help them calculate their expenses and profits. This helps organize which meals, menus or other products to focus on.
The app can compare all your products while including all expenses each product has and therefore determine what products gives the most profit.

The mobile app ProfCalculator - Food is now available on both 'Apple App Store' and 'Google Play Store'.

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You will find, among other things, a 3rd party article of our game

Wall Dodge - Rotate to win


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